Abel Tasman Canyons

Come with us where few have gone before and feel the true flow of nature.

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Canyoning New Zealand

Hidden deep in the earth’s crust surrounded by walls covered in moss and ferns, you’ll find mind blowing combinations of showering waterfalls, deeply carved out caves and deep clear pools of greens and blues. All these beautiful sights pull you deeper into the canyon to see what’s around the next corner, all the way down to the valley floor. This remote and spiritual environment combined with the pure adrenalin you get from leaping off cliffs, sliding down water polished chutes and abseiling through thundering waterfalls, drives us to gear up and venture into our canyons.

What is canyoning?

Canyoning in is a combination of lots of fun stuff all bunched into one exciting activity. Trips normally start with a walk up through beautiful scenery. Then it’s time to get the rubber suits on and start making our way down the canyon. We jump off cliffs into deep pools below, slide down water polished chutes and abseil besides or sometimes even through showering waterfalls. Most of the time you’ll be surrounded by steep walls, escaping is impossible. And of course, your guides will make sure you know exactly what to do. Going on a canyoning trip is the only way anyone can get to see these stunning places and experience all the fun stuff Mother Nature throws at you.

Abel Tasman Canyons adventures

Our canyoning adventures take place in three stunning parks: the famous Abel Tasman National Park, the wild and remote Kahurangi National Park and the more accessible Mount Richmond Forest Park. On our canyoning trips you’ll access places that normally stay hidden from view. Trips are guided by professional guides and all your canyoning equipment is supplied. Just bring a swimsuit, a towel, a pair of closed toed shoes and a bit of attitude. Explore your options on the our canyoning adventures page.