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We care for the unspoiled environment in which we work in a big way. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be allowed to operate in the national parks as a Department of Conservation Concessionaire. With this privilege comes a responsibility to take care for the environment and to minimise our impact which we monitor in conjunction with DOC. By taking our guests into the profoundly beautiful and unique environment we are in a position where we can try to create awareness by sharing our stories and knowledge. We explain how anyone can enjoy the beauty of the environment in a responsible way. We explain how important conservation is and how projects like the Birdsong Trust and Project Janszoon protect and restore the native flora and fauna.

On all our tours we adhere to the 7 ‘Leave no Trace‘ principles. We support the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust in their efforts to protect and enhance the biodiversity and to bring back and enhance the native birdsong.

“Adventure is what all humans need, some humans have just forgotten or never remembered that adventure can be more than the pursuit of adrenaline.”

Deon J. Breytenbach

Hidden deep in the earth’s crust surrounded by walls covered in moss and ferns, you’ll find mind blowing combinations of showering waterfalls, deeply carved out caves and deep clear pools of greens and blues. All these beautiful sights pull you deeper into the canyon to see what’s around the next corner, all the way down to the valley floor. This remote and spiritual environment combined with the pure adrenaline you get from leaping off cliffs, sliding down water polished chutes and abseiling through thundering waterfalls, drives us to gear up and venture into our canyons.

“Super fun way to see an otherwise inaccessible bit of the park”

Tripadvisor Review

Just the two of us on a last minute booking and the +1 was a little nervous!
The guide (Toine) was great and doubled as a nature and history guide.
We both really enjoyed it. Well paced, individualised, super fun and always felt totally safe whilst at the same time exploring some places that felt a bit wild and unexplored.
Definitely recommend.

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