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What is canyoning?

Canyons are steep, narrow mountain streams enclosed by steep wall and filled with waterfalls and pools. Canyoning is the way to descent these uniquely beautiful canyons by means of walking, swimming, scrambling, jumping, sliding, abseiling and using ziplines. Only by going canyoning can you see and be fully submersed in these stunning places and experience all the fun stuff Mother Nature throws at you. Due to the challenging terrain is it recommended to go canyoning on guided trips, however if you would like to learn how to do it by yourself please learn more here.

What makes it so good?

The natural beauty of the canyon environment combined with the excitement of the activities is what is so exciting about canyoning. The canyons allow you to experience a sense of exploration. Overcoming the natural challenges of canyoning will give a huge sense of achievement. The huge smiles at the end of the canyon descent are a proof of satisfaction and pride. We’re not afraid to admit that canyoning makes us feel like kids again, having huge amounts uninhibited fun and constantly taking on new challenges.

Why is the Abel Tasman National Park the place to go canyoning in New Zealand?

Mother Nature really created something special here. We are fortunate to have amazing granite canyons beautifully sculpted by crystal clear water and surrounded by stunning native bush. Located in the tropical north of the South Island of New Zealand means we’re far away from freezing cold rivers fed by snow melt. The Abel Tasman National Park has picture perfect golden sand beaches, turquoise waters and plenty of wildlife. Where else can you start and finish an exciting canyoning trip on a golden sand beach? All we need to add is exhilarating water taxi rides, fun and professional canyoning guides, top notch equipment, delicious lunch and FREE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS to give you the best possible experience. Canyoning in New Zealand does not get much better than in the Abel Tasman National Park.


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