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10 things to do in the Abel Tasman


Abel Tasman Canyons takes you right off the beaten track for high action adventure!

Going canyoning with us has to be Number 1 doesn’t it? Of course it does… abseiling, sliding, jumping and ziplining through Torrent River’s stunning water carved canyon provides the perfect mix of adventure, untouched natural beauty, laughs and good times. This high action adventure gives everybody the opportunity to take one, or as many steps as they like, out of their comfort zone, it’s all up to you! The water is so clean you can drink it right out of the river! That gives you a good idea of how pure this place really is. We give you the chance to feel like a kid as you work on perfecting your backflips safe in the knowledge that our guides are looking out for your safety. We also capture photos and video of you styling it, so you can relive the moments for years to come!


Anchors aweigh! Three sheets to the wind! Shiver me timbers! Let’s go sailing!

If you’re looking for a peaceful, relaxing and quiet way to enjoy the Abel Tasman National Park and Tasman Bay, then Abel Tasman Sailing Adventures are the team you should be talking to. Whether you want to just switch off and watch the world go by, or you want to throw some sailing phrases about and get involved with helping out on deck; either way you’ll be in a prime position to enjoy our unparalleled gorgeous coastal scenery as you slice through the water aboard a beautiful catamaran. These guys are pretty nifty at putting together a trip itinerary so be sure to check out all of their tour options, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. They’ve been operating for over twenty years so they know what they’re doing!

Sail Away

Escape the daily grind by kayaking our beloved Abel Tasman National Park!

You go through life happily from one day to the next, and if you’re lucky you get some days that you just don’t want to end. That’s pretty much what every day in the Abel Tasman National Park is like for our visitors. Imagine vast golden beaches capped with beautiful native bush, turquoise waters gently lapping against the shore, and azure skies framing the sun that warms your heart and frees your mind. Sprinkle in some amazing wildlife, and add yourself and your loved ones to that setting and we guarantee you will not want to leave. You can access the Abel Tasman National Park by kayak with the help of one of our many passionate local kayak operators. There are awesome single day options for those short on time, and a variety of multi day trips for the luckier ones!

Paddle on

Take some time to truly understand our local ecosystems

Woah there! Slow it down a moment and open your eyes. Take a look around you. Explore the hidden wonders amongst the majestic regenerating native bush, and the marine and freshwater environments along the Abel Tasman coastline. Abel Tasman EcoTours is a family run business who themselves are a big part of the story they share with you. Explore islands, inlets, beaches and forests with an expert skipper and marine biologist. Check out everything from the largest seal to the smallest invertebrate. Journey over Takaka Hill and in to the beating heart of the park to visit the fabled Canaan Downs, and discover the rarest species in the park. EcoTours is part of the ‘Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust’ and they have also founded marine conservation charity ‘Tasman Bay Guardians’ and ‘Abel Tasman Tree Collective’. By joining one of their tours you immediately become part of the conservation story of the region, as part of your ticket goes to these great causes. Hear about the work that they do, and see the difference it makes first hand. Good as gold!

Open Your Eyes

‘I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!’

Well go on then mate! Overflowing with great trails, the Nelson Tasman region has become a Mountain biking Mecca. You want it, we’ve got it! Just down the road, round a few bends, and over a wee hill from us is the Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park… it’s one of our faves! If you want mellow, then check out the ‘Easy Rider’ option. If you like a super flowy crowd pleaser then go for ‘Jaws’. If however you want to really get the adrenaline flowing then step it up to the steep and nutty 'Flaming Nora'. There are also some brilliant seasonal multi day rides if you have spare time up your sleeve.
If you love to combine your riding with tasting some delicious food then the Great Taste Trail is made for you. The Great Taste Trail allows you to jump on a bike and explore our region at your leisure with a multitude of opportunities to sample some of our world famous cuisine. The region boasts a wonderful supply of delicious fresh produce from land and sea that our local chefs go crazy for. We also have a bunch of award winning vineyards, so we’ve got the drinks covered as well. When you think about it… the Great Taste Trail is perfect! You get to enjoy all the yum food and wine, and then you just pedal away all the guilt, easy peasy! You couldn’t find a better match on Tinder!

Hit The Trails
Beer Tasting

After a hard day enjoying the sun and one of these activities, we think you deserve a beer!

And not just any beer… possibly the best beer in the world. Yep we said it. It’s just that good! Lucky for us, our early local settlers realised pretty quick that this is a top spot for growing hops, and nowadays the hops are shipped all over the world to help those less fortunate than us to improve their own brews. We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to accessing and savouring a darn good cold one nearby. The Sprig and Fern brewery is a real local icon and has gone from strength to strength across New Zealand; they know a thing or two about excellent beer and they’ve got the hospitality thing sorted! The Hop Federation gang in Riwaka are a passionate and adventurous bunch, and they pour their hearts and souls in to capturing the essence of our region in their mouth-watering beers! If you like a seriously good beer with a seriously good view then the Golden Bear team down on the Mapua Wharf are good as gold. If you love all things natural, then you’ll appreciate the all-natural fermentation process embraced by the Townshend guys; they do it like it’s been done for centuries. If those aren’t enough options for you then you might want to venture slightly further into our region and visit the folks at the Mussel Inn over in Golden Bay where you’ll feel like a kid in a lolly shop, except older, hairier and wiser! Man that was a lot of writing about beer… whose round is it anyway?


Leap out of a perfectly good aeroplane and remind yourself that you have a pulse

Experience a unique perspective of our stunning region while plummeting to earth strapped to a stranger. Unless you happen to be a regular nutter, this will not be something you are used to doing every day, but you’d try anything once right? This is the best place to do a skydive. It’s the only dropzone in New Zealand where you can see the mind blowing views of both Islands from the best piece of sky this beautiful country has to offer. You get unparalleled views of the Abel Tasman National Park and the whole of Tasman Bay, with a mountainous backdrop and silvery rivers snaking their way through picturesque farmland… With those distractions maybe you could forget the whole plummeting thing? Probably not really, but it’s lovely nonetheless!

Get up there
Art trail

The sun seems to attract right brained folk, so we have an amazing local art scene!

Painters, sculptors, photographers, performance artists, balloon artists… we’ve got them all! The Nelson Tasman art scene is highly regarded right across New Zealand and the world because it’s so awesome. We’re very proud of our art scene, and we’re lucky that our artists are very active in creating amazing art experiences for our visitor’s to engage with. You can enjoy jaw dropping artworks in our well known local galleries, and you can find some more intimate displays while enjoying our excellent café scene. You’ll also be able to find some amazing works of art while just walking through the Nelson city streets and the local weekend markets. It makes total sense really when you consider just how beautiful and inspiring our region is. You may even want to pick up a paintbrush yourself when you visit… (but I guess a selfie stick kinda counts in a way. Say cheese!)


Putting one foot in front of the other is a great way to explore our region!

Whether you stroll, stumble, saunter or… schlepp? There are world class walking options available for you. You just have to put one foot in front of the other… maybe we should have put hiking before beer on this list eh! We have got three outstanding National Parks vying for your attention! The Kahurangi National Park: imagine greeny turquoise rivers winding their way through glorious native bush, waterfalls that get louder and louder as you approach before revealing their splendour to you. The Nelson Lakes National Park: picture lakefront views framed with an inspiring mountainous backdrop. The Abel Tasman National Park: envision native bush lined golden beaches where the sunlight twinkles on the ocean etc. Whether you like hiking a little or a lot there are plenty of options to get amongst it and then you’ll understand why we all love to live here so much!

Take a Hike

Relax and unwind, and unwind some more… until “hey you can’t sleep here buddy”!

We’re definitely well known for our outdoors adventure scene, but even the most active and fidgety of us can surely understand and enjoy the need to just s l o w t h i n g s d o w n … every once in a while. Be sure to get yourself to Kimi Ora Eco Resort. To say you’ll be spoiled is an understatement. We mentioned before how us locals appreciate the finer things in life, so rest safe in the knowledge that if it’s a little or a lot of pampering you’re after, you’ll be able to get a darn good working over and buff up to be sent back to the world feeling shiny and new, and able to tackle everything else on this list. (So feel free to take a load off, Kimi Ora will see you right!)

Soak it Up

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