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It’s not about where we journey, but who we journey with.

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Old mother Torrent, her merciless flow, her fresh clean waters. The way she glistens in the sunlight on a hot summer’s day. Churning, trickling, cascading, whirling, and bubbling. I can dream each step, each handhold as if walking in my sleep. It is no joke, I, like my fellow guides, could walk through Torrent River backwards, blindfolded, possibly even upside down and still find my way. I know it like the back of my hand, knowing just where to step, what to clip, when to jump.

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Female guides of Abel Tasman Canyons

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It may be one of the most amazing compliments to be told by a young female customer “You’re a feminist icon, Rosie”. As one of the female guides of Abel Tasman Canyons, I am just doing my job – running up and down the canyon, setting up the technical side of things and making sure everyone is having a great time. I was quite surprised at the time of the comment, I mean I’m no Maya Angelou or Emily Davison (who threw herself in front of a horse for the right to vote) but then I had a little think…
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February newsletter

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It’s been a crazy busy time here at Abel Tasman Canyons. We’re super excited about all the people who have decided to join us on a challenging adventure and came out smiling from ear to ear. But aside from canyoning, what else has been happening?? Read all about it here!

Getting roped in

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Customers often look at us with mouths wide open, gawping at how effortlessly we leap from rock to rock in the canyon. It’s almost as if we were born as ready-made canyoning guides. But today we’re going to let you in on a little secret… There was a first time for all of us. At one stage we also walked through the canyon feeling like a baby giraffe taking their first steps, and we too felt our stomachs shrink at the prospect of the 8metre jump. So we thought we would share with you first time experiences of some NZ canyoning guides , and how we eventually all became the guides that we are today.


What were you all doing before you became NZ canyoning guides?

Lana: I was teaching kayaking and managing a ski school in Canada. Read More

Q & A with Tess

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We recently welcomed high school student, and family friend, Tess into our canyons as a trainee guide for a few weeks. We wanted to hear a little bit more about her experience, so we brought her into the ATC base to ask her a few questions.

tess-in-action-abel-tasman-canyonsHey tess! Thanks for coming in. I know that you’re friends with Toine and eva, the business owners, but how and when did you first meet?

Hey! Thank you for having me. My family are Dutch and so we met Toine through a Dutch family friend a few years ago. Since we were first introduced we’ve spent lots of time together, having dinners at their house or at ours, going tramping together and celebrating Sinter Klaas (a Dutch tradition which happens on the 5th of December). Toine and I get along really well because we both enjoy outdoor activities and love being out in the natural environment.

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Guts & Glory video

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Here it is: our ‘Guts and Glory’ promo video! Experience the white waters of the canyon, plunging into deep pools after leaping off of cliffs, before tumbling out of a plane from 16,500 ft. over the stunning Abel Tasman National Park. It’s a heap of action with TWO Abel Tasman tours in just ONE day. Could you handle it? Click here to read all about this whirlwind adventure.

You get the perfect blend of adrenaline, adventure and beauty by combining two of the best Abel Tasman tours. Proudly brought to you by Abel Tasman Canyons and Skydive Abel Tasman.

Read the first hand experience in Kirsty’s blog here.

Guts & Glory combo by Kirsty!

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Abel Tasman Canyons passed another safety audit

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We’re very pleased and proud to have passed our second full external safety audit. Our Operations Manager Lee den Haan did an amazing job working together with the auditing team to guide them through our Safety Management System. They were very impressed with our systems and the way we guide people down our canyons, providing all of our customers with a fun, challenging and safe experience. A big thank you to Lee, the Abel Tasman Canyons crew and the AdventureMark team!

external safety audit adventuremark-logo

Click here for more information on how we are keeping our staff and customers safe.

Our very first newsletter!

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We thought that our friends, followers, customers and agents might be keen to read what we are up to here at Abel Tasman Canyons. It’s not all about jumping off cliffs and having a good ol’ time in the canyon. A lot of our work happens behind the scenes. Read it here.


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