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Canyoning Top of the South

Epic things happen when the Abel Tasman Canyons team gets let loose for adventures on a day off. This time around we headed to Peak Creek in the Nelson Lakes National Park. Peak Creek is the test piece for canyoning in Te Tau Ihu, the Top of the South.

The video below is another masterpiece by Adrien Paris. He creates amazing footage and videos, on this one he went all out and turned it into an epic music video. TURN UP THE VOLUME!

For Toine this was the second trip through Peak Creek. In November 2016, together with Lee den Haan and Richard Bramley, Toine was part of the first descent team, watch the video here. Due to a heavy snow pack in the catchment area the flow was high and the water was cold. The crux of the canyon, dubbed ‘The Pothole of Terror”, consisted of a 45m waterfall thundering into a small pool full of angry white water with a big log, the next 50m waterfall poured straight out of it. On this day the pothole had to be avoided, and luckily it was possible with some tricky rigging and multiple deviations. Coming back at lower flow, with a strong team consisting of Adrien Paris (photographer, videographer and editor extraordinaire), Mark Caldwell and Chris Brown, we were able to tackle the “Pothole of Terror” and complete the full descent. Epic canyoning adventures in the Top of the South!

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Canyoning Top of the South