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New Zealand Canyoning School

Aside from providing our customers with unforgettable canyoning experiences through Abel Tasman Canyons we also operate the New Zealand Canyoning School. The school provides professional canyoning courses for recreational canyoners and professional canyoning guides, at all levels.

About NZCS:

We are excited to be part of the current New Zealand canyoning scene. The sport is going through a phase of growth and development. More and more people make their way through canyons in New Zealand and some people even explore canyons where no one has been before. Every summer first descents are done by true adventurers and this will continue for many years to come as there are many more undiscovered treasures out there. Popular canyons are getting developed with anchors and safety lines to make it safer and more accessible. The first NZ Canyoning guidebook is now available. New Zealand has got great potential for recreational canyoning and this potential is getting explored increasingly.

Want to learn how to go canyoning by yourself?

Canyoning is the ultimate way to fulfill your sense of exploration, imagine doing it by yourself without a guide! New Zealand is blessed which some of the most beautiful canyons in the world, but also with some of the most technical and aquatic. Therefore it is hugely important for anyone venturing into the canyons of Aotearoa to have some form of formal training. The New Zealand Canyoning School offers canyoning courses at all levels. If you’re completely new to the sport then we start from scratch: what gear do I need, how do I use it, where should I go, when should I go etc. Have you already got some canyons under your belt? We can help you to get further: get in to more advanced canyons, learn how to explore new canyons or we can help you along the pathway to become a professional guide. Please have a look at our website for more information:

The courses offered by the New Zealand Canyoning School set you up with solid skills and knowledge to safely enjoy the ultimate adventure sport that is canyoning.

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