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CanyonSAR (Search and Rescue) is now a specialist discipline in New Zealand. Over the last 6 months CanyonSAR training courses have been rolled out across the country.


Several members of the Abel Tasman Canyons team have played important roles in these courses, either as rescuers or as trainers.

On Waitangi Day a Canyon SAREX (exercise) was organised in Canterbury involving about 50 people, over half of those Canyon Rescuers, the others consisted of LandSAR search teams, Incident Management Team, Communications team and Police. Our very own Toine Houtenbos was the Canyon Controller calling the shots in the canyon.

The Canyon SAREX played out a real life training exercise rescuing two (pretend) casualties in Sharplin Falls. Brand new canyon stretchers and recently developed rope rescue techniques were used by canyoners from all over the country united as one team.

Thursday 6 February 2020