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After reasons to come canyoning in the Abel Tasman National Park? We’ve got a few up our sleeves…

Top 5 reasons to come canyoning in the Abel Tasman National Park

Reason Number One: Epic Adventure…naturally!

Of course, this has to be one of the first reasons to come canyoning in the Abel Tasman National Park. This is what you come to us for, right?! A day with Abel Tasman Canyons will be the best possible concoction of adrenaline, unreal scenery, topnotch safety, and a whole lot of awesome memories made!

We will have you sliding, ziplining, jumping, abseiling, scrambling and floating your way to happiness!

Not quite sure what all this means? Check out our Torrent River video!

Reason Number Two: We’ve got some stunning scenery to show you…it’s pretty amazing!

While it might be the smallest National Park in New Zealand, this piece of paradise is jam-packed with beauty and adventure in every corner. Crystal clear turquoise water and golden sand beaches, awesome granite rock formations, vibrant mossy streams, beautiful native bush.

We are privileged to share the Abel Tasman National Park with a very wide variety of wildlife.

Reasons to come canyoning in the abel tasman national park

Reason Number Three: We love the environment…this much!

At Abel Tasman Canyons we are proactive when it comes to protecting our amazing and precious environment. We are proud to operate as a Zero Carbon business with EKOS, meaning that we purchase certified carbon credits to offset where we are unable to eliminate our carbon footprint. 

Along with being a Zero Carbon Business Operation, when you jump on a canyoning adventure with Abel Tasman Canyons you are helping us to support local trusts and organisations such as the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust and the Abel Tasman Tree Collective. These guys work super hard for better sustainability so we can all continue to enjoy and play in the Abel Tasman National Park. A pretty darn good reason to come canyoning in the Abel Tasman National Park, isn’t it? 

Check out our sustainability page to find out more about what we do.

Reason Number Four: A canyoning adventure with so much more!

A trip through Torrent River will have you sightseeing along the stunning Abel Tasman National Park coastline on-board a water taxi, on your way to and from Anchorage. If you’re lucky enough you could spot some of the local resident wildlife.

From the golden sands of Anchorage, a walk in the Abel Tasman National Park begins to get you to the top of the canyon where your adventure awaits. Walking through the native bush will be accompanied by some stories and interesting facts about your surroundings. 

An epic adrenaline filled adventure including a fantastic boat trip and a walk that includes some wicked views of the park…we don’t think it gets much better than that!

For the low down on our most popular canyoning adventure, check out the Torrent River page.

Reason Number Five: Some of the best guides around!

Here we go, the final and seriously important of reasons to come canyoning in the Abel Tasman National Park. Knowledgeable, professional, highly skilled, safety committed, fun-loving, super supportive, good looking, what more could you want from a guide? They will be there with you every step of the way to help you out of your comfort zone and push you…just a little. Everything you need to know; they will teach you. Not so sure if you’re up to doing the big jumps and slides? Your guide will take you under their wetsuit-wing and give you another option to get you where you need to go. We are pretty confident even a local could learn a thing or two about the Abel Tasman National Park & environment from our crew and they are keen to answer your questions. Want to see who’s who? Go on, eye them up.

Reasons to come canyoning in the abel tasman national park guides

Need more reasons to come canyoning in the Abel Tasman National Park? Of course, we’ve got more, like the free photos and videos so you can show everyone the crazy things you get up to, new profile picture perhaps? We’ve even got your lunch and snacks covered! 

But don’t take our word for it! Read what other people have to say.

Sticking around the Nelson/Tasman region for a few days, before or after a canyoning trip? There is so much to offer and so many places to explore here.