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Top 6 Places for Canyoning in the World


Also named as Canyoneering, Canyoning is a type of adrenaline-pumping sport activity, which includes exploring the canyons through hiking, rappelling, rafting, wading and waterfall jumping. Canyoning around the globe offers people a great experience. So, no matter which country you visit, there are one or more than one canyoning destinations waiting to be explored. All you need to do is to pack your gear and update your skills of canyoning and enjoy this adventure sport. To help you out, this article offers you a guide to different canyoning spots around the globe.

  1. Zion National Park, USA: Your canyoning trip will be incomplete without visiting USA. Although there a number of canyoning places in the USA, but the best place will be Zion National Park, USA. Water, wind and geographical movements are the things that have changed the landscape of this park while creating deep canyons with unique character. Besides, the shadows and lights creeping through the cracks create a beautiful show inside the colorful and river-carved corridors of the canyon. A great thing about this place is that it includes a beautiful mix of great natural beauty and challenging routes while making this place ideal for starting canyoning experience.


  1. Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica: Want to have a unique canyoning experience? Then you must pay a visit to the Arenal Volcano located in Costa Rica. Although the idea of canyoning beside a volcano seems to be a bit daunting, but people prefer this place because of the fun and big features this place comes with. The best thing about this place is that a number of sizeable waterfalls are located here and therefore tones of abseiling can be performed along with a decent number of jumps, some of those would need some latest techniques of canyoning set in the lush green scenery of the jungle of Costa Rica. The waterfalls get bigger along the way while topping off all with a wonderful abseil down to the torrent of 200 ft.


  1. Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand: Torrent River located in Abel Tasman National Park offers one of the best canyoning experiences in New Zealand. Located on the northern part of South Island of New Zealand, here the water is mild and enclosed by native wildlife and golden sand beaches. What makes things even better is that it is possible to access this national park by jumping on the water taxi, which can take people on a scenic and exhilarating ride to these golden beaches. After that, there comes a short hike through the native bush till the beginning of the canyon. The five-heart pumping canyons of this place are filled with long slides of rocks, jumps, zip lines and high abseils.Top 6 Places for Canyoning
  1. Blue Mountains, Australia: Australia is the home of some great canyons. Located with narrow, twisting gorges and prehistoric looking ferns, this area can easily be the set of next Jurassic World series even if this place is just one hour drive from Sydney. Beautiful scenery makes this place ideal for canyoning. With the features like various types of challenging abseiling, lots of waterfall scrambles and some finely sized drops, one can enjoy a wonderful walking trip in the gorge, amidst nature. The best thing about this place is that both experienced people and beginners can find the right canyon to suit their experience and skill set. As a whole, this is the ideal place where people can enjoy the outdoor activities like rappelling, rock climbing, spelunking and rafting.


  1. Kawasan Falls, Philippines: Features like lush green vegetation and turquoise shaded inviting waters are some of the things make the Kawasan Falls in Philippines a paradise for tropical canyoning. The hot climate, the warm water of this falls and the low height of gorges make using abseiling gear completely unnecessary. So, the great thing about this falls is that there is no requirement of being aware of the big and technical features of canyoning as this place offers a playful and chilled out canyoning experience with a great fun like swimming down the rapids or jumping into the pools containing fresh water.


  1. Suicide Gorge, South Africa: Canyoning has a different name in South Africa and it is Kloofing. So, if you are in Cape Town and interested in Kloofing, then you must visit the canyons, which are named as Suicide Gorge ominously. As the name suggests, this place includes scary and big canyoning that needs strong heart to try out.


To wind up

If you are an ardent fan of adventure sport then you should not miss this totally adrenalin-pumping fun activity. It is surely going to be an achievement for a lifetime! So start planning today for the place where you wish to do your canyoning.

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